Lady Grey was founded in 1856 and named after Lady Eliza Lucy Spencer, wife of Sir George Grey, Governor of the Cape. The village and surrounding area is rich in History, Fossil beds and San art.

Tourism Attractions Include:
• Joubert’s Pass – The Pass is the fourth highest mountain pass in South Africa and has a remarkable gradient of 1:6. The scenic route over the pass treats the traveller to an ever changing view of river gorges and majestic mountains. See the Article on Joubert’s Pass under Articles (Top Menu), Article Categories, Routes – Hiking and Driving, for more details.
• Red Palette Art Route – A number of Artists have Studios and Galleries in Lady Grey and many young developing artists attend the Lady Grey Arts Academy which produces young artists in drama, dance, music and singing. See the Article on the Red Palette Art Route under Articles (Top Menu), Article Categories, Routes – Hiking and Driving, for more details.
• Musea and Research Facilities in Lady Grey – The History and Genealogy of Lady Grey and its people can be found at the Mountain View Museum and Research Facility and the Dutch Reformed Church Museum. See the Article on Musea and Research Facilities in Lady Grey under Articles (Top Menu), Article Categories, Musea and Research.
• New Life Rejuvenation Clinic - New Life is about nutrition, pain relief, training of lazy muscles, removal of toxins and fat, and dental care. Regular treatment with the Electro Muscular Contractor will improve your health and leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated. See the Article on New Life Rejuvenation Clinic under Articles (Top Menu) then Article Categories, Health and Beauty.
• Lady Grey Dam - The 25-metre high concrete arch dam was built by Mr. Stromsoe and completed in 1925. The name “Kloppers Draai” engraved on the large rock in the middle of the parking area honours Hendrik Klopper, the man in charge of building the road to the dam and also in charge of the labourers building the dam. There is also a picnic and braai area and the dam wall is straight ahead. During the rainy season you may be treated to a magnificent view of a veil of water cascading over the edge of the wall. To the right of the Kloppers Draai rock, next to the structure that once was a lapa, is a natural staircase winding to the top of the dam wall. Follow it, stop halfway up, and enjoy a distant view of Lady Grey. If you can cross the stream to the left of the Kloppers Draai rock, you will find a copper pipe protruding from a rock. Ice cold, crystal, clear, spring water pours from it into a weir. Bring your favourite Whisky along for a drink and fill up your water bottles. According to an old legend you will return to this place if you drink the water. Another legend has it that your eyesight will improve if you rinse your eyes with the water. Note the stones at the bottom of the weir. Another legend tells of Klopper who used to heat the stones in a fire and then put them into the weir and have a warm bath. Note: Klopper was a giant of a man and photos confirm it. He always carried a whip. The only type of horse, strong enough to carry him, was a Clydesdale horse. His horse was called Black. (Mr. DR Naude)







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