RED PALETTE ART ROUTE IN LADY GREY by Dalene Oertel - Mountain View Country Inn
Posted: 07 May 2013

1 LADY GREY ARTS ACADEMY - Brummer Street, Lady Grey

The Lady Grey Arts Academy, through its dedication to the Arts, regularly produces talented artists in Drama, Dance, Music, Singing Design and Visual Art. We use junior arts in the lower grades as an introductory method to enhance the love for the Visual Arts in the high school where we specialise in drawing, painting, mixed medium and design using different methods to create love for the arts. Visual Art forms a part of all the productions at the school, for example marketing design, props and set design. The Academy stages a number of productions throughout the year, where the ALTECH ARTS EXHIBITIONS feature. Shows often include a combination of the various Arts disciplines, a unique experience!
Tel: 051 604 0046

2 LOUISE DE VILLIERS (KAM) - 14 Botha Street, Lady Grey

Louise de Villiers recently moved to Lady Grey from Bloemfontein. Her art career was born by chance. A guest accidently burnt a painted table cloth of hers. Being sentimentally attached thereto, she decided to paint her own. After several fabric paint items she progressed to acrylic and then oil paint. She was an interior decorator in Cape Town and Knysna, having studied under Canadian born Margaret Tanner. She also designed engagement rings for friends and others over the past 20 years which are produced by Jenna Clifford. She is self taught and her paintings are decorative impressionism depicting every day life, from portraits to homesteads. Commissions are welcome.
Tel: 051 603 0290
Cell: 082 771 9291

3 ARTLIKA ART GALLERY AND STUDIO - 16 Martin Street, Lady Grey

Lika van den Berg (van Wyk) moved to Lady Grey in 2002 from the Bushveld. She is essentially a narrative artist influenced by the 16th century artist Pieter Bruegel. She is a self taught artist, painting without restriction in bold bright colours. Her preferred painting medium is acrylics on canvas or board. Lika's paints are inspired by both spiritual influence and stories told by people. Every painting is unique. Her art works are represented all over the world.
Tel: 051 603 0067
Cell: 083 739 7440

4 PICASSO HOUSE - C/O Botha & Joubert Street, Lady Grey

Viljoen Mathee and his family moved to Lady Grey in April 2010 to find their souls in the Mountains, at the end of the “Dragon’s Tail”. He studied a B Ed degree in Visual Arts at the University of the Free State. He has been teaching art for the last 23 years. In Lady Grey he wants to pursue his passion of creating masses of artworks. Viljoen is a graphic artist and painter in oils and acrylic, as well as a printmaker. Drawing is his forte and his work can be described as African-Conceptual, with influences of Picasso and Cecil Skotnes. The environment and immediate surroundings play a huge role in his creative thinking.
Cell: 082 784 1823

5 WINDSWEPT STUDIO - C/O Botha & Naude Street, Lady Grey
(Side entrance of Mountain View Country Inn)

Linda Rossouw (Fourie) started her career in 1990. She is a self taught ceramicist and oil painter. She recently moved to Lady Grey. Her inspiration comes from her travels to Greece and bike adventures with her husband though Africa. Her portraits and landscapes capture moments and emotions. Mexican, Medieval and Celtic designs often feature in her ceramics. The aesthetically pleasing vessels include utility bowls, wine goblets, functional dinnerware and decorative handmade tiles. Many of her ceramics are purchased by international tourists. She also works on commission and decorates furniture and walls all over South Africa by means of specialised paint techniques.
Cell: 082 255 2435

6 LEO REID - 52 Murray Street, Lady Grey

Leo Reid moved to Lady Grey two years ago from a farm behind Joubert's Pass. In 1998 while living at Kenton-on-Sea he started painting under the help of Jenny Hervey. Leo paints in many different mediums depending on the effects need. He is passionate about painting wildlife, sometimes branching out into landscapes and portraits. His inspiration over the years has been drawn from his late father and his mentor's, Titta Fasciotti the Italian master, Paul Dickson Cape Town, Davis Bellamy U.K., Harley Brown U.S.A. and Peter Pharoah Wilderness. Leo recently exhibited with the emerging and master artists in Kirstenbosch.
Tel: 051 603 0471
Cell: 082 730 3810

7 SANDRA THOMAS FINE ARTIST - 39 Murray Street, Lady Grey

Sandra Thomas recently moved to Lady Grey from East London. After matriculating with a distinction in art, she studied Fine Art through The East London College and was awarded Fine Art Student of the year in her final year. She then completed a B. Tech Degree in Fine Art graduating Cum Laude. An established fine artist, essentially a painter in both oils and watercolours, she has not limited herself and practices in other mediums including printmaking, ceramic sculpture and stained glass. Sandra’s art works are a journal of her travels, many through Transkei and the Great Kei River regions and now recently the North Eastern Cape and the Southern Drakensberg mountains. Although much of her work is landscape orientated, she is by no means solely a landscape artist, as can be seen by a visit to the gallery. Her work is unique and never repeated.
Cell: 082 571 6194

8 ART EXPLORE STUDIO AND GALLERY - 3 Sauer Street, Lady Grey

Heleen du Preez studied Art Education at the Goudtad Teachers Training College and Visual Arts at Unisa. From 1965 to 1998 she taught Visual Art and Music at various institutions in Gauteng. She moved to Lady Grey in 2000. Her works are represented in local and international collections. She paints mostly conceptual works based on environmental and spiritual experiences. “One cannot decide what note he will sound. The only choices he is given is either to open up to inner vibrations and sound his own note, or to misplace his attention not to sound at all, as the finger, misplaced on the neck of the guitar, stop the string from vibrating.” (Thierry Guillemin) She offers courses in Visual arts and design based on individual needs. “I am of the firm belief that we are all born with the creative ability to express ourselves visually and, if taught, the skills required can be acquired in this field.” Visitors are welcome to attend a walk about that would last approximately one hour.
Tel: 051 603 0261
Cell: 082 895 6697

9 CHARLOTTE-MARIE ART - 17 Stephenson Street, Lady Grey

Charlotte Marie Stoltz received her BA(ED) ART degree from the University of Pretoria, after which she taught art as a subject at Florida High School. Her work represents many places she has traveled. When she paints she prefers to do so right on the scène. She is equally adept at still life, portraits and floral studies. She is also at ease in any medium, like oil, pastels, water colours, acrylics, as well as sculpture. The source of the subject will determine the medium she would choose. She is known for the rhythm and movement which she captures on the canvas, at the same time presenting a feeling of space and depth within the painting. Her rich and abundant use of colour testifies of a free, spontaneous spirit that creates the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. She paints with uninhibited intensity and has a preference for the Classic. Paintings can also be viewed at the Mountain View Country Inn.
Cell: 082 8989352







Red Palette Art Route
Red Palette Art Route







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